10-in-1 Mobile Lens Kit, Selfie stick, remote conto, tripod and phone holder
10-in-1 Mobile Lens Kit, remote contol, tripod and zoom lens
10-in-1 Mobile Lens Kit, wide ange and fish-eye lenses
10-in-1 Mobile Lens Kit, full kit.

10-in-1 Mobile Phone Telephoto Lens Kit

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Lights, Camera, Action...your Cell phone is now a 'motion picture' camera with the 10-in-1 lens kit's:

• Zoom lens for long distance photos and video (see the game from the stands).
• Wide angle lens and fish-eye lens (nobody gets cut off).
• Selfie stick and selfie remote (you like a good selfie, right?).
• Produce your own low budget films and podcasts like everyone else (and make a killing).

Buy the 10-in-1 Lens kit NOW by clicking 'ADD TO CART', and produce your own motion picture.

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