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Treasure Hunter Professional Metal Detecor Probe

'Treasure Hunter' Professional Metal Detector

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Find hidden treasures buried in your backyard (in someone else's backyard too), at the beach, anywhere; find your pot of gold! 

• Maximum Detection Depth of 2 to 3 Meters (the treasures can't hide).
• Weighs a lightweight 3.5 lbs (it's not heavy).
• 8.2-Inch Water Resistant Circular Probe (works in water too).
• Detection Alarm (when this alarm goes off you won't press snooze!).
• Detects All Metals (coins, precious metals all yours?). 
• Uses 6 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (included from Beastsbounty). 
• Comes with instructional user manual (your tricks of the trade book). 

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